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Mark in The Washington Post Today

March 10, 2005

Check out the Article in TODAY’S Washington Post (Thursday, March 10, 2005) that mentions Mark’s decision to podcast THE INSIDE SCOOP.
Excerpt below:
Local radio host Mark Levine (His tag line: “All the news from Washington that the government doesn’t want you to know”) jumped mike-first into the on-demand audio movement a few months ago, podcasting his one-hour daily talk show that airs on Leesburg-based WAGE-AM (1200).
“I get about 5,000 people a month downloading my podcast, and that is growing,” said Levine, whose podcasts are posted online at
Levine’s show has advertising spots carried over from on-air broadcasts, but WTOP plans no commercial messages in its original podcast, at least not initially. As for at-home podcasters, most have no clue how to make money.

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