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Mark on XM Satellite Radio

January 19, 2007

4-6:30 pm Eastern time (3-5:30 Central, 2-4:30 Mountain, 1-3:30 Pacific)
Every Friday, Mark is on XM, Channel 169 (“The Power”) with co-host Mark Thompson
This week, we continue the discussion on outsourcing.

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  • Mark Levine January 30, 2007 12:53 pm

    “Harold”, thanks for posting here and for listening to Mark and me on XM.
    Don’t let the regulars here bug you. Their bark is worse than their bite. Just about everyone of them is a well-meaning person passionately believing in (and disagreeing on) what’s best for the country.
    I hope you continue to post often and feel free to state your opinions here. ALL opinions are welcome, particularly from new listeners! Also feel free to call in the show, not just on XM, but you can listen on the Internet too through this website, 2-3 PM EST weekdays, Sundays 6:30-7:30 pm and Mondays 7-8 pm.

  • Vic Chewals January 30, 2007 12:25 pm

    Take what you need
    and leave the rest,
    the surplus of your desires
    will become just a test
    of the mind’s allegiance
    to your spiritual quest,
    Riding a camel
    through the eye of a needle,
    leaving gold behind,
    in a cloud of dust,
    As the will of a wayward heart
    is the price of admittance
    to the promised land,
    inherited by the meek reticent enough
    to grasp the meaning of beckoning dreams
    where heaven awaits,
    Faith being the intangible feeling
    that entreats the soul
    to enter
    with just the victuals
    of bare necessity remaining.