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Sunday Weekly Review

January 15, 2006

– Why We are Losing the War on Terror
– Why Judge Alito Should Be Filibustered

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  • Rikatomika January 18, 2006 12:42 pm

    As much as I disagree with Alito’s views on most topics, I did not see anything that would warrant a filibuster. While I would prefer someone with my more left leaning views, I do not believe there was anything during the hearings that was bad enough to block the nomination. I still would not vote to confirm him perhaps, but I would have to consider also any alternate candidate that the Bush Administration might bring forward in Alito’s place. It’s hard to tell in such a limited and short time that the hearings gave us to really know what Alito will do. All I can help any judge will do is look at the laws and decide in the frame word of said laws on the arguments brought before the court. Will logic rule or will ideology? We all knew that if Bush was elected that he would be in the position of nominating Supreme Court Justices, and now we’re here at that point. We should have prevented this from happening by not allowing Bush to win the election by a better and stronger campaign. Now were stuck in damage control.

  • Robt January 16, 2006 3:28 am

    I want to ask.
    If Arlen Spector (who is pro choice) asks Alito the ensnared Roe V Wade question. And Alito says “yes I think it could be overturned and I feel that way myself”. Wouldn’t Arlen reply somewhat like ” Appretiate your candidness but I can’t vote for your confirmation”, as like many pro choice would do.
    Also If a pro life Senator asked the question and Alito says “well I accept precedence set”. Then that Senator would say thank you Judge for your honesty but I can’t vote for your confirmation? House of horror tarot cards it is!
    What I can’t understand is that with Alito’s (Personal) flare for the law as cited in the hearings and by you Mark. How do these folks stay in their position and/or move up? Nepotism?
    Aren’t judges reviewed by an upper echelon? If so why are some of his ruling not been reviewed and corrected???
    From what I am viewing on Alito, is what Al Capone as a judge would do for Bugsy Malone.
    I agree enough, that my senators heard my opine on the matter. What else can the average person do? Is most of these issues with Alito enough for the peoples confidence on filibuster by the Demorats?
    I would Filibuster to bring these issue to the people and force the Majorities hand to back the man and his record.
    oh Mark,
    Thanks for the 3 or 4 positive points on Alito. I’ll cherish them for a while. LOL
    And for Jack,( the first caller), good insight on why should we believe them on Iran!? Matter of fact, how do you tell the Admistration is being earnest or not on most anything from Social Security to outing a CIA op?
    One last thought on Alito,
    I have felt that the Neocons would not end the Roe v Wade campaign issue by really placing one as Alito to finally swing it. But, with ’06 elections it is time for the republicans to do something or rattle those same chains for the base to vote for them in spite of where they took this country. Politically if the Dems filibuster over Abortion Soley, the Repubs will rattle their promise to the funamentalist religious right for their support for reelction. Whether or not Alito or the Supreme Court follows thru with a overturning. Lots of positioning needs done on both sides. The religious right and some showed they are willing to allow this majority and administration anything as long as they can get what they want. well how I see some of it anyways.

  • I fear it January 15, 2006 10:53 pm

    too much tien away.