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The Immigration Fence

October 11, 2006

Guest: Al Garza, Executive Director of the MinuteMen, Arizona Chapter
Will a fence be built between the US and Mexico? Even partially built? Is it worth the cost?

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  • Robt October 10, 2006 12:44 pm

    How I do agree about the employer responsibility. And for the fence. Even if they gave Haliburton the money. There is more border miles than what was alloted for. So if they have to walk a few miles more to go around, they will.
    I read some economic stats that basically reflect the bus, owners and CEO’s pay rising and on the rise. Bush asks for a “Guest worker program”. It is already in place. Why does he ask for it? Because it is driving down our standards of livable wages.
    I is obvious that the fence to nowhere without funding (I think your right about no funds). Was a pre Nov election pandering bill. They passed it but quietly did not fund it. The mass voters are sort of happy and big business still have their cheap labor.

  • madfuq October 8, 2006 11:10 pm

    From what I am hearing the fence bill has been approved but there are no funds being made available for even a start on it.
    This is the most assinine thing that congress has ever come up with, to begin with if they would enforce the existing laws on the books most of the problems would be taken care of and if they would jail those who employ illegal aliens it would cure the problem immediately. No jobs, no illegal aliens! This is another one of those smoke screen issues that solve nothing, pay a decent wage and jobs would be filled by Americans. The myth we hear from the media that Americans won’t do any of these types of jobs is a bunch of bull crap! Those of the ilk that say this and believe it wouldn’t work for slave wages either!