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The Most Dangerous Country in the World

January 9, 2005

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Not Iraq. Not Afghanistan.
It’s Iran. And we’re doing nothing about it.
PLUS Mark’s comments on the Palestinian Elections today and why he hopes the expected winner, Mahmoud Abbas, is a colossal liar.

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  • General Mills June 5, 2008 10:28 am

    Mark–can you visualize the further polarization of forces–Russia and Iran vs. America and Israel?–now that’s a real nuclear stand-off to be reckoned with

  • Mark Levine June 4, 2008 8:10 pm

    It’s very hard for a country the size of Israel (smaller than New Jersey) to retaliate against a nuclear attack. Recall that the USA had about 30 minutes to spot and respond to a nuclear attack from the Soviet Union which is thousands of miles away. Iran is next door. The time to respond is probably a minute or two.
    The difference between Israel and Iran is that Israel has promised never to use nuclear weapons first in the Middle East, and Iran has expressed its determination that Israel be “annihilated.”
    Also Israel is a democracy. While Persian people are good people (with a majority pro-USA and pro-Israel and against their government), they are under an aggressive dictatorship that gives them no say.