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July 26, 2007

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Will Republicans stake their future on preferring tobacco companies over the nation’s poor children?
Will the Attorney General be prosecuted for perjury?
Will Karl Rove disobey his subpoena and also be held in contempt?
Will Harriet Miers and Josh Bolton share a jail cell?
And other news of the week…

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  • DaveG July 31, 2007 5:44 pm

    Debra Bowin – CA Sec of State wants imput on what to do about the voting machines. Sample below
    Email Address: xxxxx
    Name: bill & june xxxxx
    Area Code and Telephone Number: xxxxxx
    Name of your company or organization: retired
    Street Address: xxxxxxxxxx
    City: Bayside,
    State: Ca
    Zip Code: 95524
    Where you heard about our Web page? Visit to sos home page
    Section of the Secretary of State web site you found most useful? All good
    Subject of your question? Need for varifiable paper ballots
    Your comment or question: We understand you want our imput on the voting machines. They are bad news. They put cheaters and criminals in elected office. We are happy to give you our thoughts. Honest, verafiable elections so very important. Please get rid of the trick machines.
    Copyright 2004 – California Secretary of State