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What do Supporters of Radical Christianity and Radical Islam Have in Common?

July 6, 2005

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Many radical Christian Americans support Bush, not so much because they like his policies, but because they believe him to be a “good Christian.” Many of the more radical conservative Christians have even dubbed the War in Iraq a “War Against Islam.”
And yet, many nationalist Arabs support terrorist leaders because they believe them to be “good Muslims.” And some of the most radical consider a War against America to be a “War Against Infidels” (Christians and Jews).
What is the blindness of many American Christians and many Arab Muslims that prevents them from seeing the other side as decent people just trying to move on with their lives? Americans say we will leave Iraq as soon as the insurgents stop fighting us. Iraqis say the insurgents will stop fighting us as soon as America leaves Iraq. Even Osama Bin Laden considered his attack a response to US occupation of Arab soil. Who is the aggressor here? Who is the aggrieved? (Answer: BOTH sides!)
Can anyone support either policies of Arab terrorism against innocent civilians or U.S. occupation against a country that never attacked us (leading to at least 25,000, if not 100,000 innocent Iraqi civilian deaths)?
And while terror against civilians is never justified, it is justified to fight against an occupying army? Does it matter if the army has acted in response to aggression?
Is much of America as myopic (near-sighted) as much of the Arab world?
When will American Christians learn there is a difference between ignorant, warmongering Arabs who support Islamic terrorists and a billion peaceful Muslims worldwide?
When will Arab Muslims learn there is a difference between ignorant, warmongering Americans who support a jihad against Islam and billions of peaceful Christians worldwide?
As that most unlikely philosopher Rodney King put it, “Can’t we all just get along?”

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  • A casino of the ass February 2, 2006 10:11 am

    Coco, a 300-pound gorilla,
    gentle enough to cradle a purring kitten
    within the grasp of her large, hairy hands,
    happy enough to enjoy a carefree demeanor,
    understanding enough to mourn death
    with a big, bellowed moan.
    Perhaps God did make the monkey
    out of disappointment
    with the results from man,
    whose willful ego has separated
    into thoughts so twisted and confused,
    return to grace charges a painful toll
    to the point of wondering,
    “Which is beast,
    or which is the Son of God?”

  • Count from one hundred backwards July 31, 2005 4:52 pm

    And just keep the plastic bag over your head

  • John Galt (EN, Mike Walsh, et al) July 31, 2005 12:38 am

    Whis is it that groups like CAIR [Conference on American Islamic Relations] are only now coming out and denoucing terrorism?
    Funny, I heard their misleading PSA [Public Service Anouncement for the dolts here] where they denounce terror. But they did not specifically demounce Islamic terror. Why? Because sometimes – uh, most times – Islamic terror under the name of Allah is not only allowed, it is mandated.
    Personally, I hope we get to the cleansing part where those associated with terror experience a French rein of terror in America. Don’t bother discussing it, no one here has any idea what I’m speaking of. Suffice it to say that it ushered in modfern terrorism, not Arafat.
    Speaking of Arafat, leviney, did you know he was related to the head Islamic guy in Jerusalem in WW II [he was called the moofie, or something like that] who was Hitler’s favorite cleric? He even had Nazi torturers go meet with them to teach them efficient ways to kill Jews. Thank God Pope Pius XII help the Jews. And despite that you remain anti-Catholicism. That “Nazi Pope” thread is a disgrace. But as Rod Stewart said, “You wear it well”.
    The PSA also claims that terror is against the teachings of Mohammed. Now there they are hoping they have dopey liberals who have never read Mohammed’s words and the written record of his deceit, murder, rape, pillage, and assorted other disturbances to the public good that would have had him tortured to death some 200 years ago in England.
    Now there’s a topic to cover. Will I see it here? I’m not holding my breath [though Gord hopes I will].
    EN-i-g-ma, JPorterman, Leave it to Beaver [now there’a a word not used here too often!] Tom Petersen, Ben Afleck, Josie and the Pussycats, Gordon, Gord in SF, Tracie [she’s retired now], and Mike Walsh.
    p.s. Levine, where’s my apology for the nasty lies you have told about me. If I call to the show, will you apologize on air? Not that I will. I have to get authorization first.