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Debate Tuesday: Republicans Go Nuclear!

May 17, 2005

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Drunk with power, the Republicans this week are likely to declare War on the Constitution, the Senate, and the American Judiciary in an effort to pack the bench with 10 judges after refusing to give Bill Clinton an up or down vote on 69. The real threat is that they will use this violation of Senate rules and the Constitution to pack the Supreme Court which can then again choose the President and again refuse to count the votes of We the People.
Will Democrats have the stomach to fight back for American constitutional democracy? Does America care if one of the last vestiges of the rule of law is swept away in the Republican tyranny?
I will debate the “nuclear option,” likely to be employed this week by the Republicans and the Democrats’ possible “nuclear responses” with my guest, Michael Lane, President of IntElephant Strategies, a consultant working to elect Republicans to political office.
Can we avoid Mutually Assured Destruction? My view is that if the Republicans declare metaphorical “nuclear war” on the rest of us Americans, we have to fight back with the same force, even if it leaves our Government metaphorically in smoldering ruins. It is only the threat of Mutually Assured Destruction that will prevent this power-mad tyranny from taking over and destroying that late great constitutional democracy we used to call the United States of America.
Televised on Channel 10 in Northern Virginia (Cox Cable)

The International War on Drugs

May 16, 2005

Guest: Sanho Tree, Fellow and Director of the Drug Policy Project at the Institute for Policy Studies in Washington.
We are at war all over the world in places you might not expect, far away from the Middle East. Billions are spent in the “War on Drugs” all over the world. Are we succeeding? Is this a war worth fighting?
Televised on Channel 10 in Northern Virginia (Cox Cable)

Sunday Weekly Review

May 15, 2005

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“The intelligence and facts were being fixed around the policy”
— 2002 British Intelligence Memo, describing the Bush Administration’s desire to remove Saddam through military action, using “fixed” intelligence data to claim terrorism and WMDs as justification.
Here’s the “smoking gun” memo Mark reported on Monday finally mentioned in American newspapers. Mark Levine first reported the manipulation of intelligence to falsely justify the Iraqi war on the very first broadcast of THE INSIDE SCOOP in June 2003. It has taken the mainstream media almost 2 years to confirm Mark’s inside scoop.
Other topics for this week:
— The Bolton nomination
— Destroying the Government Civil Service
— Nuclear War in the Senate
Scientific Proof that Being Gay is Not a Choice (and the Homophobic Hypocrisy of the Mayor of Spokane, Washington)
“Shoot First, Ask Questions Later!”: Florida passes a law to encourage deadly gun violence
— And anything else you want to mention

Contamination at Ground Zero

May 12, 2005

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Guest: Jenna Orkin, Co-chair of the World Trade Center Environmental Organization
That there were environmental hazards at Ground Zero was regrettable.
That the Government mistakenly said the air was safe to breathe was an egregious error.
That the Government then did its best to cover up its error is frightening….but
sadly typical of this Administration.
Should political considerations trump people’s safety?
For more details, check out the Sierra Club Report,Pollution and Deception at Ground Zero. (It may take a minute or two to download the 220-page .pdf document to your screen.)

Extraordinary Rendition

May 11, 2005

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When the USA wants someone tortured but doesn’t want to do it in-house, there’s always out-sourcing. And there’s a plus: it doesn’t matter whether the prisoner is innocent or guilty.
The part of the “War on Terror” the Bush Administration desperately does not want you to know…

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